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09/06: With summer just about over, some updates are in order! Get the scoop here. Especially of note: ever wanted a nice digital painting of your character? If you win our brand-new Activity Contest, you can have one!

08/05: We've got the solution to all your tagging problems! Make sure that you're typing the @ symbol directly before the account name, properly capitalized, with no HTML directly touching it - when in doubt, put spaces around it. When successful, the tag should appear as a bolded link to the tagged character's profile, eg. @Staff. In addition, just a quick reminder that NPCs are not playable - they're reserved for Nature! Please have another look at our rule on Nature if you need a refresher.

08/01: Happy August, everyone! We've got a whole lot happening: a new tagging feature, upcoming activity sweeps, our very first locale revealed, and more! Read all about it here.

07/16: It's our two-week anniversary! If you joined on opening day, you're now eligible to bring in your second character (given that the first has a post count of at least twenty). Also, we've noticed that we have quite a few dark-furred wolves running around! We've decided to place a limit on black wolves. Remember, this doesn't mean that they're banned. Technically speaking, you can bring in a black wolf... they're just going to have some really bad luck with Nature.

07/09: We're a full week in and looking great! We've added a directory for open threads, so show 'em some love. Also, just a reminder to check your word counts! We've noticed a few posts slipping by that are a bit too short.

07/04: Hey, folks! Just checking in with a slight revision. Given careful research of our game's playable subspecies, we've elected to shift our height ranges for wolves and coyotes to 60 to 85 centimeters and 50 to 75 centimeters, respectively. Players are asked to modify existing characters' heights, if necessary. We appreciate your understanding!

07/03: Tamer Animals is off to one heck of a start. Thank you all for your interest! Just a reminder that the enter key does not make a line break in our boards; you'll need to use either < /p > or < /br > (without the spaces). Please see Zephyr's lovely HTML guide for more info.

07/02: We are officially open for business!

Tamer Animals
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